Orthotic, Prosthetic & Assistive Devices

After years of collaboration, A Well Adjusted Pet has been selected by OrthoPets to become a U.S. “Partner Clinic” for the San Francisco Bay Area! Last October, Dr. Ilana was invited to participate in specialized training in Veterinary Orthotics & Prosthetics at the OrthoPets United Center in Denver. Dr. Ilana fell in love with learning the biomechanics behind how the orthotic products work, the process for creating each custom device, and the possibilities for disabled patients of all kinds!

In addition to her in-person visits to OrthoPets, Dr. Ilana has also trained with the Physical Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Department at Colorado State University, Veterinary Teaching Hospita, learning additional rehabilitation techniques from experts in the field, as well as skills in assessing and planning custom devices for her animal patients.

So what does this mean for your pet?

We are now able to offer a truly viable and highly functional alternative to expensive and often painful surgery. Orthotics and prosthetics are especially useful for helping with chronic, ongoing conditions such as degenerative myelopathy, spinal stroke, arthritis, traumatic injury, post-operative support, cruciate ligament injuries and other tendon or ligament injuries. And our aim with these devices is to improve the quality of life for our patients, decrease pain, enhance mobility, and assist in rehabilitation. From custom-made boots that protect paws to splints that provide temporary support to prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs, the variety of options is ever increasing.

Dr. Ilana is excited to guide you into a whole new world of treatment and care options for your furry best friend. Following some detailed planning and precise measurements of your pet’s body, Dr. Ilana will coordinate the development of your custom device and draw up a treatment protocol to maximize your pet’s rehabilitation. She’ll be there from step #1 to the final rehabilitation check out and will be your pet’s greatest cheerleader! If you think an orthotic or prosthetic device would assist your pet, contact Dr. Ilana now!

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Agnes in her custom brace.

GingerSnap demonstrating the use of several types of assistive and corrective devices! A help em up harness, Therapaw Carpal Support Wrap, and OrthoPets Toe Up slings

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