Nutrition Counseling

Following an initial consultation with Dr. Ilana, it may be determined that a diet consultation is an appropriate treatment for your pet as part of his/her custom treatment plan.

Benefits of a Diet Consultation

My philosophy involves feeding a variety of fresh, whole (cooked or raw depending on your animal) foods that are specifically beneficial for your individual animal’s health needs. I believe that feeding a proper diet can help our pets in so many ways and provide an effective way of preventing disease or helping balance our pets when they are afflicted with disease. What we feed our pets can help their immune systems fight infections or immune-based diseases, help fight cancer and help the digestive tract, especially in those prone to vomiting and diarrhea.

Together we will formulate a complete and balanced, nutritionally sound, dietary plan to nourish and support your animal companion’s health and provide them with the vital nutrients that are the critical foundation for long term health and well-being. Additionally, many pets with arthritis and mobility problems benefit greatly from a weight management program.


Here is a video of a canine patient, Ocean Blue, undergoing a muscle testing.

Benefits of Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing, also known as Nutrition Response Testing or Applied Kinesiology, is the use of foods, herbs, and nutritional supplements to enhance the biological activity of specific cells, tissues, and organs for overall health maintenance, and to support the body during times of illness or stress.

Stressors to the body can be environmental, toxins, climate, genetic, dietary, chemically induced, immune challenges, scar tissue, or emotional in nature. These stressors can reduce or prevent normal functioning of the body’s nervous system, immune system, endocrine (hormone), musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, and all other organ systems vital to maintenance of health and wellness.

The goals of Muscle Testing are to increase life expectancy and to maximize the quality of life through improved functioning of stressed organ systems. With muscle testing you can directly improve your animal companion’s overall health and wellness through feeding healthy foods as well as added supplements in the right amounts.

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements

Whole foods supplements are:

  • foods in their original form
  • grown and harvested without refinement and processing
  • contain a complex array of essential nutrients, enzymes, phytochemicals, and anti-oxidants that support overall health

Why do I use whole food supplements?

  • To replace Vital Nutrients lost in cooking or processing of commercially or home prepared diets
  • To enhance the body’s nutritional input for all stages of life and levels of activity
  • To manage periods of increased tissue stress or demand on the body
  • To address individual health requirements
  • To compensate for nutrient deficient foods grown in depleted soils or hydroponically
  • To address partial or “sub-clinical” nutrient deficiencies

How did I learn about Standard Process?

I heard about Standard Process first during my training at the Healing Oasis Wellness center in Wisconsin during my certification in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (I am now certified through the College of Animal Chiropractors). We had Dr. Tom Cameron come speak about Standard Process one evening and I was very intrigued by the case studies he presented. I heard from other instructors in my course about the Fundamentals Course offered on site in Wisconsin at the SP farm and was very interested to learn more about the use of the SP product lines.

Additionally one of my classmates a D.C., had been using SP supplements in his practice for years and demonstrated some applied kinesiology/muscle testing techniques during our course. I have since visited the Standard Process Farm in Wisconsin, participated in many webinars and round table discussions with veterinarians across the country who are using nutritional therapy in their practice, and I have taken many local classes offered by Northern California Standard Process, located in Alameda, CA.

What training do I have in Animal Nutrition?

I participated in a 12 month training program offered through Standard Process, and I currently use the Standard Process Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide drafted by Dr Ron Carsten and the Clinical Animal Nutrition Symptoms Survey, created by Dr. Ava Frick. I am also trained in Muscle Testing or Applied Kinesiology, which can be used to determine which supplements enhances the body’s magnetic field and overall energy. I also use the ZYTO screening test to determine what the body needs based on meridian energy flow in the body.

What are some of my favorite Standard Process and Medi-Herb products?

I use Canine Musculoskeletal Support (or Ligaplex), Boswellia Complex, Tuna Omega Oil, and Gotu Kola – for healing musculoskeletal injuries and for ongoing support of active dogs and cats.

I see great response to this combination with soft tissue and orthopedic injuries and I encourage my competitive canine athletes to stay on an ongoing support program. I also often use both Canine and Feline Whole Body Support for folks who choose home cooking or for injured, sick, or pregnant animals.

What is in the Standard Process Supplements that I prescribe?

Standard Process supplements are designed to offer the full spectrum of nutrition that your pet’s needs. Created from whole foods in their natural form, these supplements conform to the same exacting standards as human-grade supplements. Through their nutrient combinations, they create a synergistic effect by offering glandular support for natural cell and tissue repair, phytonutrients that deliver antioxidants, and additional support to promote a healthy immune response.

To learn more about each product, visit the Standard Process website.

Resources for Home-Prepared Diets

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