Non-Anesthetic Dental Care

What Is Preventative Dental Cleaning and Assessment?

It's a preventative dental cleaning and assessment for your awake pet. A Well Adjusted Pet is a partner hospital for this procedure. It helps minimize bacteria buildup in your pet through frequent teeth cleanings between in between regular anesthetic dentals and x-rays. Our awake maintenance teeth cleanings (offered monthly by appointment) provide the missing piece to your pet's total treatment plan for oral care.

What is a Total Treatment Plan for the Oral Cavity?

Combining regular veterinary examinations, anesthetic dental cleanings & x-rays, maintenance PDCA’s and home care efforts will help to keep your pet’s dental disease causing oral bacteria low. Every pet will respond differently to the dental disease causing bacteria and a combination of these efforts is the key to oral health.

Why Animal Dental Care?

Animal Dental Care has been providing maintenance PDCA’s for nearly two decades. Our combined experience and veterinarian reviewed protocols have brought forth an evolved and effective service provided by our expert Certified PDCA Technicians. Dr. Ilana provides essential examinations prior to your pet’s teeth cleaning. This not only ensures that your pet is a proper candidate for the procedure but allows for a safe and comfortable experience.

What is an Oral Healthcare Screening & Preventive Cleaning?

We offer a routine oral healthcare procedure designed to provide early detection of disease in the oral cavity and preventive cleanings. This allows pet parents the opportunity to have painful conditions identified earlier and to ultimately prevent further future disease. The ability to provide this procedure awake with a cooperative patient allows for the necessary frequent care in maintaining oral health.

This procedure has limitations and requires individualization.

A number of factors contribute to whether or not this procedure is appropriate for your pet and are evaluated under the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship. A behavior screening is performed to provide a safe and comfortable experience. A review of your pet's oral history along with an oral cavity screening is provided to optimize the effectiveness of this procedure. This procedure is preventive and is only effective when candidacy criteria is fully met. Remember, Dental Disease progresses differently in each dog or cat which requires individualized methods for treatment.

Your pet requires a complete oral healthcare program!

A Preventive Oral Healthcare Screening and Cleaning is just one approach utilized in the dental disease fight, its goal is prevention. It is not the same as other forms of necessary oral care. Complete care also involves, but is not limited to, routine full-mouth dental x-rays to help discover pathology, oral surgery (anesthetized procedures) to address any found pathology and home care brushing to disrupt the bacteria that forms in the mouth every day. Check with Dr. Ilana about all the ways in which we can fight dental disease and begin forming a treatment plan for your pet.

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