Hospice & End of Life Care

Facing the fact that it’s time to say goodbye to our beloved animal companions is one of the most difficult decisions we will have to make in the our lives. We recognize that you are committed to making the whole process as easy as possible because we know that no one takes this decision lightly. So why choose in-home euthanasia? At A Well Adjusted Pet we believe there is one very compelling reason to say goodbye to your pet at home: because their very last moments should be with you. Looking into your eyes, sensing your presence, smelling the familiar and comforting scents of home. Your pet’s release from suffering and illness should be comfortable, peaceful, and calm and the best way to create that experience is to allow them to say goodbye at home.

If you choose to euthanize at home you can permit all family members to be present – including your other pets. There is no distressing car ride to the hospital or sitting in a cold waiting room, and you can select your pet’s favorite room, bed, or special place in the house. This favorite place may, of course, be nestled safely in your lap, as you soothe them at the end. You may consider lighting candles, playing soft music, dimming the lights, and offering one final food treat to your companion. Depending on your religious beliefs, you may wish to perform a ceremony or pay tribute to the life of your pet in another way. We can accommodate all of these needs and do everything possible to ease your pet’s transition. And everything we do is on your schedule, at your pace, and we will take all the time you need for the process.

How will I know that the time has come to euthanize my pet?

Look for important changes in your companion:

  • Have you seen any dramatic or subtle changes in food or water consumption
  • Are they no longer interested in playing or pursuing activities they previously enjoyed?
  • Are they having problems standing up or moving about?
  • Do they seem confused or have a mental fog?
  • Are they having difficulties controlling their bladder or other bodily functions?
  • Are you noticing that they are simply having fewer “good” days

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, it might be time to consider the compassionate and loving choice to let them go.

What You Need To Know

All Dr Ilana’s In-Home Euthanasia Services include:

  • Pre-Euthanasia Consultation
  • Sedation: Dr Ilana will sedate your pet first using relaxing anesthesia under the skin with a tiny needle. This ensures that your pet is completely unconscious & unaware of the final vein injection
  • Humane Euthanasia
  • Care of remains and pet memorials (Visit this page to see memorial urns provided by Dr. Ilana.)

Note: If you prefer burial services, we can help you make arrangements through Bubbling Well Pet Memorial or Pet’s Rest.

Following the procedure, we will use the services of Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park, our choice for cremation services. Typically, we use the VIP Pet Urn.

If you are interested in other products or services, Bubbling Well has additional memorial products such as custom urns for your pet’s remains.

Dr. Ilana can also help order a cremation keepsake or pendants designed by Memory Glass.

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