Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Relationship to OrthoPedic/Neuro-surgeons:

Our goal is to have a canine rehabilitation program that is symbiotic with the orthopedic practice. This relationship offers clients and their pets, post-operative rehabilitation, as well as non-surgical options for musculoskeletal problems. The working relationship between surgeon and therapist represents a unique practice paradigm uncommon in veterinary medicine yet the standard for human orthopedics. Dogs, like humans, will recover more quickly following orthopedic surgery and patients with non-surgical conditions will benefit from a variety of therapeutic modalities.

After your pet's surgery, post-operative rehabilitation and therapy is an important part of your pet recovering as quickly and successfully as possible.

In the first two weeks after surgery, your surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow until sutures are removed. As soon as four daysafter sutures are removed or around the two-week mark, your pet can begin rehabilitation, where they will receive an in-depth examination tolook at the strength, flexibility and soreness level of the surgical leg as well as the whole body. At your initial evaluation at A Well AdjustedPet, Dr. Ilana will develop an individualized therapeutic program designed to meet your dog’s specific needs. Your pet’s therapy can includemassage and stretching for the stiff joints, underwater treadmill sessionfor strengthening and gait retraining, Laser treatments for tissue healingand pain reduction and a tailored exercise strengthening and stretching program.

Orion healing after surgery with Assisi Loop

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