Case Studies

Bone and Tissue

Dexter - Bone Break. Ligament damage requiring orthotic.

Maggie - Longtime ACL injury, Osteoarthritis

Walter - Broken bones from car accident. Ligament damage requiring orthotic.


Rita - Stroke

Sammy - FCE (fibrocartilaginous embolism)

Shintaro - FCE (fibrocartilaginous embolism)

Behavior and Pain Management

Rosie - Behavioral Issues and Pain Management

Movement Issues

Bucky - Paralysis, Arthritis

Calli - Sudden Hindleg Paralysis

Jack - Paralysis

Kira - Near-paralysis, Arthritis

Mr. Whiskers - Limping

Scout - Coonhound Syndrome

Simba - Disc bulge hampering movement

Tristan - Ruptured disc causing pain and paralysis