Condition: Paralysis, Arthritis

Rehab categories: Chiropractic,Nutritional Supplements,Therapeutic Exercises

This success story comes directly from Bucky's mom, Laurie, and we love how her excitement at the transformation in Bucky just shines through! Take it away, Laurie!

"One morning, our 13 year old Shih Tzu, Bucky, suddenly couldn’t walk. We were stunned and immediately brought him into our vet’s office. An X-ray confirmed that he had arthritis in his spine and several bones were fused together. He stayed at the hospital under heavy anti-inflammatory and pain medication for several days until he recovered. But weeks later, he still wasn’t the same. He hid under the bed most of the time, became anxious and antisocial and struggled on his walks. Our vet recommended that I contact Dr. Ilana Strubel.

Today (eight months later) under the care and maintenance of the amazing Dr. Ilana, Bucky is thriving again! He has even become demanding! Over the past several years, he had become standoffish and independent or so we thought. Turns out, he was actually in a great deal of pain. Dr. Ilana was able to see the connection between his chronic pain & anxiety and treated them both with alternative, integrative therapies. Well.....now Bucky’s back! He no longer hides under the bed, he demands food when he hungry, he even sits on our front porch for hours barking at the passing pedestrians. Dr. Ilana prescribed all natural, herbal pain medication, anti-inflammatory, bone support and minerals with every meal. He is now completely off conventional pain and anti-inflammatory medications. She taught us how to do stretches and massage, which have now become part of our evening routine. Dr. Ilana visits us every two months to adjust his back and practice our exercises. Thanks to Dr. Ilana we have our little Bucky back and we couldn't be happier!"

~ Dr. Laurie Scolari

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