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A Well Adjusted Pet would like to express its gratitude to the amazing support from our team and partners. Most of all, we want to thank YOU, our clients, who inspire us everyday and provide great reviews and referrals.

AWAP Owner and Director of
Animal Rehabilitation and Veterinary Care

Ilana Strubel, DVM, CVSMT, CCRT
A Well Adjusted Pet

My pets: Pinky, Ziggy, Cherry, Frazier – my goofy pups
What I do for fun: (Work and volunteering -just kidding!) Walking my dogs, Sea Kayaking, SCUBA diving, Snorkeling
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Julie Stiefel

My pets: Kenny & Navarro (energetic! boy cats)
What I do for the team: Client Services Manager
What I do for fun: take pictures, play poker, ride my bike, travel to Hawaii

Kimi Sandbloom

My pets: Josie, Bubba, Zeus, Charlotte
What I do for the team: Animal Rehabilitation Assistant
What I do for fun: Newly into photography, hang out with our dogs, camping

Ella Woods, DAOM, Dipl. OM, LaC

My pets: one curmudgeonly scaredy cat named Snowball, 16-ish years old, demands my undivided attention and doesn't like to share....anything
What I do for the team: Acupuncture; including aquapuncture and electrical-acupuncture when appropriate, and Traditional Oriental/Chinese Medicine, including prescription herbs
What I do for fun: bike riding all over the place and especially through the City, walking/hiking, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Ji and Qi Gong

Chris Anderson, DVM

My pets: My rescue Dachshund Vinnie
What I do for the team: Relief Veterinarian assisting at the Rex Center when Dr. Ilana is away – with treatments both in the Underwater Treadmill and in Laser Therapy
What I do for fun: Walking my goofy dogs, knitting, reading, and traveling!

Beth Crittenden (nickname:Critter)

My pets: Only myself as of today! I used to have 2 cats, Mike and Johnny, but I developed an allergy unfortunately and they found other homes. I loooove puppies and kitties, and have a Goddog named Hazel who lives nearby
What I do for the team: Money lady! Tracking how we’re doing in order to keep the focus on the business being fun, sustainable, and successful
What I do for fun: Hike around my home in the redwoods of Marin, play tennis, listen to or watch the comedy of Tig Notaro, Maria Bamford, Russell Peters, geek out on my YNAB (You Need A Budget) and Google Docs

AWAP Partners

The Rex Center

The Rex Center staff provides great resources for therapeutic swims, swim coaching, and canine massage. Meet their great staff here: www.therexcenter.com

Bay Woof

Dr. Ilana is a regular contributor to Bay Woof’s “Ask Dr. Dog” feature section, providing useful advice for dog care and health. To see past contributions, check out our “Ask Dr. Ilana” page or visit www.baywoof.com.

OrthoPets San Francisco

Dr. Ilana will head up OrthoPets San Francisco, offering new and innovative solutions for patients’ mobility problems in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently owns and operates A Well Adjusted Pet – an Integrative Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation and Aquatic Fitness Center, in Pacifica, CA, just 10 minutes south of San Francisco.